We have a number of services geared toward actors personal projects, jobs booked on your own that you are expected to record yourself, or the daily auditions that need to be sent in. These services are offered at reduced rates, but come with some restrictions depending on the service that is needed. 

Our audition recording service is for actors of all types that need to get their daily auditions on tape and sent off. This is ideal for actors who live far from their agents, parents that get occasional requests for their children,  the seasoned pro who wants to get out of their closet and get some direction now and again,  or any other reason that makes sense in the changing world of voiceover. 

Pay to play sites and smaller jobs booked through regional or other agents often require the actor to record from home or cover the cost of a studio. Many of these types of jobs can be done effectively from many home studios, however oftentimes a particular booking will require more expertise, access to ISDN, or just taking your mind off the recording so you can focus on the job itself. Whatever the case, our actor rate is perfect for these situations.

Are you working on a personal project and need a little extra help getting some final items recorded, and the closet just won't cut it this time. Explain what your up to and we can see if we can help you out. This is likely going to be more costly than the actor rate, but with so many people doing great projects on their own, we want to encourage and be part of this new segment of creativity that is still quite new in entertainment. 

Voiceover Auditions

We have one of the top audition services in town with a dedicated and experienced voice director, Artt Butler. Artt will record, direct, and edit your audition and send out your best take to wherever it needs to go. This service is available from 10:00AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday. Artt Butler is our primary voiceover director and is available most of the time, however when Artt is unavailable we make every effort to supply an engineer, however this does vary slightly depending on the level of other commercial recording we have going on. 

Audition times are by appointment only, so please call or send us a message to book a time. A typical appointment is a single half hour slot that consists of 15 minutes in the booth recording and another 15 minutes for Artt or another engineer to edit your files and get them in before before they are due. A single appointment is  generally enough time to record one to three short auditions or characters, but this will vary slightly depending on the material you are recording and other factors. The cost for this is $15 which takes care of most audition needs for actors. If more time is needed we can hold more than one slot to accommodate a larger amount of material. Additional  time will be billed in $15 increments, however we can often accommodate special situations and make exceptions to this when appropriate.



Actor rates for recording is $80 per hour with a half hour minimum. We book session time in 15 minute increments after the first 30 minutes. The time booked is considered the session time and will be billed in full and due at the end of the session Services included are:

Light editing including removing stumbles and pickups to create a complete take is included, however combining takes from selects or more complex editing is not considered part of this service. Delivered files will be a single consolidated take or split takes that can be determined during or after the session. Files will be delivered using an email link via sharefile or uploaded to a service of choice by the actor or client. Files are always recorded in 24bit/48k wav, but can be delivered in any format required. Conference calls are permitted with advance notice so we may distribute dial-in information. It is recommended that the actor obtain contact information for the clients as dial-in numbers for ISDN or phone patch is subject to change after the session is booked as our internal schedule changes frequently. The following limitations on service are as follows and is  subject to change:  

  • Use of video for timing or reference is not included.

  • Clients present during recording is also not permitted.


Self service Booth

A recent addition to our services is a self-recording booth for actors to record on their own or for private coaching rental. In 2016 the booth has been upgraded to be 4 feet by 6 feet internally with a standing desk and plenty of room to work in.  Currently the booth is setup for self recording with Pro Tools 11 and Twisted Wave and can accommodate skype and Source-Connect Now or ipDTL if needed. Please read the booth disclaimer for the services provided and expectations for the self service booth. 

Below are rates to use the self-service booth. 

  • Audiobook recording - $16 hour

    • 10 hour minimum for audiobook rate

    • Invoice can be sent once book is finished and billed on a net 60 basis

    • Engineering assistance available for $40 per half hour ( see disclaimer for details )

  • Other Self recording ( includes phone patch ) - $20/hr

  • Bring your own engineer or working with a coach - $40/hr

  • ISDN or Source-Connect available on request - $50/hr

  • Home studio or self service booth training with Voice Trax Engineer - $80/hr

Please feel free to contact us with ideas or uses that would be helpful to actors that do not appear here. We are open to hearing what you are thinking and how we can make this space as useful as possible.