Our Staff

Andrew Feliciano - Owner/Engineer

Andrew Feliciano is the current owner of Voice Trax West and has been an audio engineer for more than 10 years. He has a background in computer science, but with a strong interest and involvement in music he gravitated towards pro audio and found a home in voiceover.

In 2008 Andrew recorded Beau Bridges for the audiobook version of "An Inconvenient Truth", which won a Grammy that year for Best Spoken Word Album. Since taking over Andrew has completed an expansion to Voice Trax West, adding an additional recording booth and two editing suites.

Andrew hold a B.A in Computer Science from Beloit College and an MBA from Cal State Northridge. Andrew is a technology enthusiast, an avid rock climber and enjoys spending time outdoors. 



Susan Palyo

Susan Palyo has been working for Voicetrax West since 1990, and has been the resident demo producer since 1996. Susan grew up in Springfield, Illinois. Her passion for music led her to believe that pursuing a degree in Commercial Music from Millikin University in Decatur, IL would be a great idea since she wanted a job where she didn't have to wear a dress. Shortly after graduating, Susan packed up her car and drove to Los Angeles to pursue a career in recording.

After a few really crummy jobs (one where she even had to wear a skirt every day!), Susan landed at the famed Cherokee music studios as an assistant engineer. She got to meet lots of cool celebrities, and she didn't have to wear a dress. But, the pay stunk. So, she looked around and landed as the head engineer at Voice Trax West. After engineering loads of commercial sessions and assisting in demo production under Thom Pinto and Cindy Akers, Susan became the full time demo producer in 1996. Since then she has produced hundreds of demos for many aspiring and successful VO actors including Grey Delisle, Debi Derryberry, Robert Clotworthy, and Stew Herrera. Her demos are respected by all of the top VO agencies in town for their quality and contemporary style.

Susan also has a great reputation as an instructor and director, and teaches workshops and private studies in commercial and animation voiceover. Susan lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband, daughter and 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 hamsters. She even wears a skirt once in awhile now.



Artt Butler

A voiceover industry veteran, Artt Butler has been around since 1991, when auditions were recorded on reel-to-reel and submitted by cassette via FedEx! Starting the journey as the lead booth director at one of L.A.'s top voiceover agencies, he quickly became a talent favorite to be directed by for he spoke "actor" quite well and was able to quickly give concise, insightful, in-depth direction without making voice actors crazy, helping them leave the booth feeling good about themselves, feeling like they'd accomplished something, and most importantly, booking work.

Not being a "Hey, look at me!!" type of person he never really had an interest in performing voiceover. But, after 15 years of directing and coaching the some of the best (and worst) talent in town, he decided maybe it might be time to give it a try himself. Taking all that had been learned from the seasoned veterans he had directed over the years, he's parlayed that into a very successful career on the other side of the glass in the world of commercials and animation.

So, in 2009 soon after voicing the McDonald's/Avatar campaign, he became the national legal tag voice of Chrysler television and radio commercials. You can also hear him as a Jack Bauer-esqe anti-terrorism specialist Agent Jack Flowers on the season 3 finale of the hit Adult Swim show The Boondocks. In 2011, a childhood dream of his came true after being welcomed into the Star Wars family playing everyone's favorite space-fish, the iconic Captain Ackbar. He will now have to utter the phrase "It's a TRAP!" for the rest of his life, for as it turns out, it is indeed a trap. He wouldn't have it any other way. Good times.


Paul Luke

Growing up around live audio and recording, it was natural for Paul to turn that experience into a career in pro audio. From his teen years on, Paul worked as a studio and live audio engineer, eventually specializing in voiceover and post production.

As head engineer at Voice Trax West in Los Angeles, Paul has worked with the LA’s top actors and directors recording commercials, animation, ADR for film and TV, audiobooks, and more.

In the last 5 years, Paul has taken on a supervisory role in recording and editing complex phone systems and text-to-speech recordings. As an expert in interactive content from the players perspective Paul has been an invaluable part of directing on numerous titles such as Payday 2, Vindictus, Maple Story, Dragon Nest, Atlantica, and Fantasy War Tactics and more! And being a game enthusiast, Paul is on the pulse of current AAA and indie game titles, with extensive knowledge of trends in virtual reality. 


Evan Marquardt

A native of Portland(ia!), Evan has been recording since 2007, joining the Voice Trax West team in 2012.

He's legit too! Graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) with a degree in Music, his emphasis was in Percussion Performance, and Music Technology and Recording.

Evan moved to Los Angeles for the same reason most other people from Portland do, to get some sun. Pursuing his dreams is just a bonus. You can hear his work in commercials and shows throughout the airwaves, and see his smile in person.

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