DIY recording Booth

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Do it Yourself recording

Our diy recording booth is for voiceover actors, musicians, podcasters, audiobook narrators, youtube content creators,  and anyone else who needs to record audio. In 2016 the booth has been upgraded to be 4 feet by 6 feet internally with a standing desk and plenty of room to work in.  Currently the booth is setup for self recording with Pro Tools 11 and Twisted Wave and can accommodate skype and Source-Connect Now or ipDTL if needed. Please read the booth disclaimer for the services provided and expectations for the self service booth. 


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Below are rates to use the self-service booth. 

  • Audiobook recording - $50 per finished hour
    • Three hour maximum per finished hour (including pickup sessions)
    • The number of hours booked is used to calculate final booth time
    • Finished book length rounded down to the nearest 15 minutes will be compared to hours booked in the booth to determine final invoice
    • Additional hours will be bill at $20 per hour.
    • Invoice for audiobooks are billed on a net 60 basis
    • Engineering assistance available for $40 per half hour ( see disclaimer for details ) 
  • Other Self recording ( includes phone patch )  - $20/hr
  • ISDN or Source-Connect available on request - $50/hr
  • Home studio or  self service booth training with Voice Trax Engineer - $80/hr